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TechwearUSA Pricing, Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our shirts. Please read our Terms and Conditions of Business carefully, your agreement to them by return reply email is required before your project can begin. Our normal production timeframe (the time from when your approved mockup is sent in for production) is typically 6 weeks or less. If you have questions, please ask before your order commences.

Teams, Clubs, Groups or Organizations Ordering from One Shirt Design

For the sake of brevity we will refer to all of the above as “groups”. TechwearUSA works with a large number of “groups” who share a single shirt design. Sometimes the internal management of these groups does not permit any departure from their design other than individual names, others permit some alterations. In either event, here is a re-cap of the parameters: The SDS fee structure described earlier applies, so once the design is in place, name changes are free, but logo changes (if permitted by the “group”) are billed at $25/hour. The quantity discount shall be determined by the initial order, after that all members shall enjoy that fixed price.

Expedited Service

This new service is provided by request with very limited availability. Shirts will be shipped within SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS after approval of art. Since Joe will have to perform the work, art time will be $100 per hour. The fee for this service is an additional $50 per shirt. There is no minimum quantity, but we will have a maximum quantity determined our production availability at that moment. Finally, assume that your shirts will need to ship overnight.

Payment Terms

You are hereby authorizing us to charge your credit card on two occasions, first to make the deposit (which we may or may not require), and second, the balance plus shipping when your order is ready to ship. The deposit is 50%, plus logo conversion to vector if required. Any other arrangement must be approved in advance.

Group Orders to be Paid by One Member

In circumstances where a group’s entire order will be placed by, paid for, and shipped to one person, the deposit is $___ and everything will be the same as above.

Orders to be Paid by Individual Member

On orders where each team member contacts us for his team shirt, each member may be charged a deposit. Their shirt(s) will be shipped directly to them and they will pay the shipping rate and balance once shipped.

Event Shirts

Please request our “Event Shirts Protocols and Pricing” document.


Payment terms are arranged on a case-by-case basis. You will also receive a quote of the order once all information is received and before work commences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At our discretion, the deposit requirement may be waived for corporate, government, and law enforcement orders, but credit card information is still required of the person placing the order. If payment by the company or department is not received within 2 weeks of the order being shipped, the responsibility falls to the person placing the order whereby his/her credit card will then be charged for the order.

Payment via Corporate/Department Credit Card

If you will be paying for your order through a company/department credit card, any logo conversions that are necessary are to be paid before the conversion takes place. The balance of the order will be charged when the order ships.

Payment via Purchase Order

Your purchase order must indicate “payment upon shipping”. Changes that require additional time and affect the quote balance will need to be paid once the order ships. In this case, you will be notified when the work order goes to production and informed of the additional cost so that adjustments in your purchase order can be made prior to the order shipping.

Payment via Corporate/Department Check

Corporate/department check payments must be cut the day your order ships so that it is received within a week of shipment.

Best regards,