Artwork Policy


Below is a description of pricing for Art Time for existing design modifications as well as full custom designs, Logo Conversions, Text and Logo Additions using the Product Designer as well as bulk order and other discounts.  We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time and for any reason

Creative Services:


TechwearUSA’s Graphic Art department is dedicated to helping you realize your vision. We work according to your instructions, using pre-existing art, modifying an existing design, or creating a unique design from scratch.  Please note that all designs created by TechwearUSA are the property of the Company.  If you wish to have exclusive ownership of the artwork, please let us know and we will review purchase options and pricing.  


Art Time

Art Time is time spent by one of our graphic artists to create or modify the artwork on your gear.  This includes the application of colors, designs as well as logo placement.  Art time charges accrue at $60/hour and are charged in 15-minute increments.  For example, if you are ordering 10 jerseys, and the art time needed to create your base design is one hour, then the art time charge for the entire order will be $60.  We do not charge to place names on jerseys, unless we have made a separate arrangement or agreement for your order.  

Custom Artwork

If you do not see a Base Design in our Design Gallery that suits your needs or color choices, just let us know what you are looking to create, and we will make it happen.  We can also upload your custom artwork to your garment of choice.  If you are providing us with artwork, we will make any necessary adjustments to the artwork so as to make sure that the design works with the garment pattern.  All custom artwork is charged a one-time set up fee, after which regular art time charges apply.  We can give you an estimate as to the art time needed to create your design prior to proceeding with the work.  

If you are providing us with artwork, please send it to us in the following format:

General Artwork Dimensions and Color:

Front and Back to fit in 25″ x32″ rectangle
Sleeves to fit in: 21″ x 12” rectangle
RGB colors, Profile Adobe 1998
Files saved as .ai.
Artwork in vector format.
All fonts expanded.
To use a photo as the background of a jersey: 3200 x 2400 would work. The smaller the image gets, the more it will pixilate.


Logo Conversions

We work in Illustrator Vector format.  All logos provided to us must be in that format – that includes .ai, eps, png and some pdf files.  Jpeg format does not work as it is a solid image.  We can convert your non-vector logos into vector format for a one-time fee.  That fee typically ranges from $50 to $150 but can be more or less depending upon the complexity of the logo and the time needed to convert it.  Saving a jpg file into a vector format does not make the logo vector as it must be converted and redrawn.  

Volume Discounts

To qualify for volume discounts, the items must be identical in type and artwork, other than names and sizes



13 – 25


26 – 50


51 – 100





please contact us at [email protected] or 631-750-6424 to discuss your order needs