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At Home

  • Machine Wash Delicate Warm/Cold
  • Remove promptly after cycle to minimize wrinkles
  • Machine Dry Low or Extra Low
  • Remove promptly after cycle to minimize wrinkles

Hotel Room

  • Add a little hotel shampoo to basin and fill halfway with warm water
  • Add shirt and squish around for awhile
  • Let water drain while squishing excess water out of shirt
  • Run water and rinse until all soap and dirt are gone
  • Squeeze excess water from shirt (strenuous wringing causes wrinkles)
  • Lay out a bath towel and lay shirt on it
  • Roll up towel and stand on it for a little while
  • Remove shirt from towel and place on hanger to finish drying… after the last step, if you REALLY want to speed things up, use a blow dryer on high, and in just a few minutes the shirt will be ready to wear!