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The Best Fabric in Our Industry

Two and a half years and 16 iterations to make it exactly what we wanted it to be; that’s what it took to develop the hands-down best fabric in our industry. It was a neat trick too, combining feather-lightweight breathability and wicking with pic and scuff resistance, but we succeeded. In fact, when we tested against every other fabric being used in our market, we knew we had hit a home run. That being said, most folks experience the comfort factors immediately, but “pic-resistance” is really only evident over time, manifested as a lack of the same, but that is not to say that “pics” aren’t possible, so a clarification of these terms and a quick “fix” for “pics” is appropriate now:

A “pic” occurs when a Velcro “hook” (the most obvious culprit) is pushed into the fabric piercing it and pulling out some of the filaments upon exit. Most common example: Put your male Velcro outer belt on a little high over your female Velcro inner belt, every time you bend over you “push” the ridge of male Velcro “hooks” into the fabric. Ultimately you’re going to get some “pics”.

Now, here’s some advice and a trick: NEVER PULL a “pic”, instead, use tiny, super-sharp scissors (like a cuticle scissors), get as close to the fabric as possible without cutting it, and just cut the “pic” off (like a lawn mower), and you will dramatically reduce its appearance.

We hope that this information was useful. We love our product and hope that you enjoy many years of pleasure from it!