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The TechwearUSA art department is dedicated to helping you realize your vision. We work according to your instructions, using pre-existing art, modifying an existing design, or creating a unique design from scratch.


What is Ink Dye Sublimation?

Ink dye sublimation is a high tech transfer process where, at a certain temperature and pressure, the solid ink becomes a gas without ever becoming a liquid (hence “sublimation”), and bonds with the fabric on the molecular level. This results in precise images and vibrant colors, yet the fabric’s performance is never affected.


It’s Digital

Papers are printed using huge format printers and incredibly expensive high tech sublimation inks. This process enables us to produce individual shirts, or, within the context of a team order, we can change names, logos, and even colors within the basic design. Frequently, we produce a shirt body design for a team, wherein each team member will have their name and their individual sponsor logos on their respective jerseys. Every file is saved, so extra identical shirts can be recreated at any time without incurring an additional art charge (digital re-print), or, if for example his sponsors change, we can print new shirts with different logos for only the nominal price of removing and replacing … art (Please see Shirt and Creative Services Pricing).


Design and Logo Formats

Any art provided must be in vector format for us to work with it. Over-simplified, vector format means that images can be expanded or contracted without damage to the image. If your art is not in vector format we can have it converted: Converting a high resolution, low detail image to vector format is typically $25 per logo, however sometimes we receive low resolution or complex images where conversion will be more expensive and pricing must be determined on an individual basis. If you don’t know what vector art based programs are, don’t worry, just contact us and we will explain everything. If you don’t know if your logo is vector format or not, just send it to us and we’ll be able to tell you in immediately.

TechwearUSA maintains a large library of logos from various manufacturers, many, however, require specific permission for their use. We will tell you if you need permission, and provide you with contact information, but you must obtain this permission. If the required logo is not on file, then you must obtain the art file.


Shirt Design

“Shirt Layout” is different from “Logo Art”. The “shirt layout” is the arrangement of colors and/or lines within the pattern, or cut, of the shirt. In context – once the shirt layout is done, we size and place the “logo art” on it. The best way to start is to figure out which shirt model you are interested in, then visit the Design Gallery, and make notes about what you like. If you want something more specific, or unique, download and print our “SHIRT TEMPLATE” (a blank template for each of our shirt models is available on our shirt models page), and make a hand sketch. Remember time is money; the better articulated your idea, the less time it will take to realize your vision.


Graphic Artists, “Lining Up” the Shirt (Matching), Colors, and the “Print File”

Important notes about the services of an outside graphic artist (even one we recommend): These folks are graphic artists, not shirt creating specialists, so the fantastic design they draw for you is just that, a two-dimensional drawing. It must still be vetted by us to make sure that two things below are correct so that a “Print File” can be created:

  1. The shirt has to “Line Up” correctly. Explanation: The shirt sleeves, front, and back of a shirt, are asymmetrical, but without the print file pattern (which is both very complicated and proprietary) your artist cannot draw them that way, therefore, with shirt designs in which there are lines, or a pattern, that flow around a sleeve, or from the chest, through the sleeve, and into the back, frequently we need to correct (vet) their work so that the integrity of the design is maintained when the shirt is sewn together.
  2. Colors: We need to vet the colors to be sure that they will turn out to be what you want. If the exact colors are critical, this would involve our time. Typically we make color swatches and send to you for approval.

For details on how to submit artwork, download design templates and to find out more about our printing possibilities, contact us