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Winter 2020


Dear friends, family, community, customers - I am reaching out to you as we move into the Winter Season.  This has been quite the year for all … and as we transition into this next and last phase of 2020, we look to this chapter with hope and positivity.  As we did in the Fall, we are once again going to change the accent colors of our website to commemorate the change in season as well as bring the colors of hope, joy, and celebration together with a spirit of support, community, and togetherness.

The color we chose in commemoration and celebration of this change of seasons and landscapes is silver.  This color not only evokes the scintillating hues of snow, tinsel on a Christmas tree, the silver linings of clouds, and of course the silver hues of cups holding a hot toddy - but also the very many shades of silver represented in the things we love as part of our sport … the silver-colored metals of bullets, targets and even the dark silver and greys of our competition firearms.

With this change of color and season, we are presenting a new limited run of custom colored and designed long sleeve Airflex jerseys as well as our new TW Everywear Fleece Pant– a cozy combination that celebrates this time of year and which will keep you comfortable and warm on and off the range throughout these colder months.

We hope you enjoy this transition with us.  We are thinking of all of you – and wishing health, happiness, and prosperity as we look forward to 2021.

Be Safe

Be Well


#Winter2020 #yourvoiceyourchoice