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VISION 2020: Team TechwearUSA looks to our future in shooting sports


With more than a decade as the principal supplier of competition shirts to practical shooters nationwide, we’ve seen — and learned — a lot at TechwearUSA. In recent years, we have upgraded our production equipment, added to our team and trained them in their areas of focus, from design to manufacturing and customer service.  Last year, we took a hard look at what really matters to us: our values, our customers and our community. Through that process, we have been able to better define our growth path forward.

We are proud members of the shooting sports community, and we truly understand the values that define our community. Trust. Responsibility. Pride. Loyalty.  These are the same values that define us and our relationship to shooting sports competitors and enthusiasts across the country and around the world.

There are many ways we could have chosen to grow our company but when it came right down to it, we realized that our highest loyalty is to the shooting sports and to the thousands of competitors at every level, in every community—our customers. So, we will grow into the other shooting sports, from multi-gun tactical competitions to skeet, trap and sporting clays and western-style, single action shooting.

We are also adding to our product line. We have already added embroidery and silk-screening for shirts and accessories, and before the end of 2020, we expect to add tactical pants for men and women.

Our recent website refresh is the first of many and is designed to speak more fully to our values and to you, our friends, colleagues and customers in the shooting sports.

Alexis, Bob & Joe