Event Shirt Policy and Pricing 2014

First, a little background: All of our shirts are made from the ground up here on the east coast using the finest products available. At the heart of our product is the fabric; ours is proprietary, 2 years in development with a major American mill, and we believe that is by far the highest performing tech fabric for sublimation available anywhere.  Now the cosmetics: Using the “Ink-Dye Sublimation Process” the UV Protected Ink bonds with the fabric on the molecular level so the colors will never lose their vibrancy. The fabric is sublimated before being sewn together, so our shirts are, by definition, custom made “one-offs”, meaning this is not a mass production process, and therefore there is almost no economy of scale.

Match shirts are our V-Neck or Crewneck models at $45.00 each. The normal selling price is $70 each. Polos are not available for match shirts.


1)   No names or individualization at $45.00. If the event director wants to add names to only the administrative staff (i.e.,  Event Coordinator, Match Director or Stats, etc…) this can be done for $5.00 more per shirt limited to 5 administrators.

2)   No designs that require any line matching (where lines or areas of color cross over a seam).

–         Please stay away from shirt designs that are mainly white as this also adds a great deal of time in production (counter intuitive, we know, but any little particle landing on white fabric as the press comes down may make a mark under heat and pressure).

3)   Event shirt sizes run SMALL through 3XL. NO talls and NO side panels. The illusion of side panels can be done, but keep in mind there is a single seam on each side.

4)   Work is done in vector format (Adobe Illustrator), so logos that we do not already have in our library should be provided as .ai or .eps files. Color matching and rescaling issues with .jpgs make them difficult to work with in the printing phase.

–         We are able to convert .jpgs (or other pixilated images) to vector format at reasonable rates. Most conversions run $25 and more detailed images could run up to around $50.

–         Mockups are provided for review and must be approved before production begins.

5)   The finalized order MUST be in our hands eight weeks prior to the event, so the project as a whole must begin well in advance of that.

6)   We may or may not charge for the shirt design work. If it’s something simple, chances are we will just add it to our “Sponsorship”. However, if something original or complicated is requested, we will have to arrive at an agreement.

All competitor shirts are to be the same design and will not have names on them. Items “2” through “5” (above) also apply to competitor shirts.

We will permit a “Post Event Order”, meaning you may place an order after the event at the same match price so that late helpers, late entry competitors, or the just plain forgotten, can still get a shirt, but it will be produced in normal order rotation, meaning the production line will not be stopped in order to get them out by a set date. These shirts will cost the same as the main order of shirts, but we will make only one bulk shipment of those shirts (to the director/coordinator, not the individual competitors).

Please let us know if you have any questions about the policy, our shirt designs, fabric, or the design or production processes.

Thank you very much for considering us as your event shirt supplier.

Best wishes for a very successful year.


Bob, Joe, Alexis, and Sue


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